Lucky Girl- Arm Candy (NEW SINGLE!)

My NEW SINGLE, Arm Candy, is OUT NOW! 

And it merits backstory. 

I refrain from divulging intimately on the internet. In this instance, honesty is worth sacrificing some discretion.

Halloween is about shadow. Embracing, accepting, even celebrating it (within reason.) It brings scars to light.

This song reveals qualities I try to hide: my clinginess, neediness, my inability to let go. A side most typically induced via entanglement with narcissists. 

I hope this song will comfort those who struggle to exit toxic situations. As for those who made it through: consider it our power anthem (particularly the third verse.) 

It’s best we all stay home this Halloween. May this song accompany your cozy indoor ventures!

Gratuitous thanks to TC, an awe-inspiring producer/musician. (All instrumental and cover design credit goes to you!)

Thanks to Lauren at Chatters for the rockstar hair, and to Candy Candy, for supplying the candy necklaces! You helped make the cover a reality. 

Thanks to Kent Hoffman and Katherine Hoffman (aka mumndad) for exploitation of their basement, and, as ever, their patience. 

Time to exorcise some demons.