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Month: January, 2021

Story Reading! {Stuff About Healing}

My beloved publisher, Thurston Howl Publications, released a story reading from the upcoming audiobook!

I, meanwhile, have been ill.

Mentally, physically, emotionally.

Mid-pandemic, I’m blessed to be without Covid. My illness manifests as adrenal fatigue, lingering colds, and mood swings. Yet these ailments take their toll.

Suffering is ample. So much that we feel there’s no room for our own.

The only way we can heal others is if we first heal ourselves.

My mental struggles may never be “curable.” Healing, for me, and for many, is arduous, life-long.

There is no insurance for the soul.

Regardless, I persist.

And I hope you will too.


Merch REVEAL! {Stuff About Worthiness}

โ€œYou get to make your life.โ€-Cheryl Strayed 

Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed inspired me to write (and live) fiercely

In the Intro, she mentions the surprised flattery of having her quotes sold on pillows. 

I wrote in my diary, 

โ€œOh, to have a pillow made with one of my quotes!!!โ€ 

Now that I have Teespring store, I made that come true for myself. 

Donโ€™t wait for someone to decide youโ€™re worthy. 

Validate your worth first. 


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C.E. Hoffman’s “Sluts and Whores” Slated for Release

My interview with the amazing Misty Rampart of Pink Litter Magazine!

RSVP!: (Virtual) Book Party.

It’s almost here!

The pre-launch party is about a month away. (You can check out the countdown on my website!)

For now, get your FREE E-TICKETS!

I’d love to see you there.


Book Cover REVEAL! ๐Ÿ’• {Stuff About Dreams}

It’s here!

The cover is out, and I am ELATED!

Thank you again to Sean Trayner (for the exceptional photography) and Cedric Bacon (for the cover design, plus, you know, being my publisher!)

Follow your dreams and don’t give a damn!

FYI. Following your dreams is NOT about “succeeding.” It’s about being true to your highest calling, your highest self. If material success comes alongside your dreams, great.

What matters is you abide your crie de coeur.

Run. Laugh (or make other people laugh.) Cook. Care. Write. Paint.

LIVE your life as is intended:

with passion, with fervour, with love.