Latest Podcast!: Mommy Needs a Drink

by C E Hoffman


My dear friend Tara Henderson (an exceptional creator) invited me on to her podcast.

This is my first ever podcast appearance! I was honoured- and nervous.

The result: extreme vulnerability, and, I hope, valuable content. 💕

Listen here.


“Sex workers are the frontline workers of the soul.”

“Art should be an antidote to bullshit.”

“When I think of the sex workers I’ve had the honour of knowing… they’re some of the most brave, beautiful, passionate, intelligent, quirky, weird-ass people I’ve ever met. And I am so grateful, and so indebted to all of them, to have been reminded it doesn’t matter what society says about you. You are f*cking beautiful, and you are worthwhile, and you’re complicated, and you’re hurting and you’re healing and you’re human. And I really hope that anyone… who reads this book feels a little bit more in contact with their humanity afterwards.” )

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C 💕