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Month: March, 2021

BLOOPER Reel! {Stuff About Imperfection}

“Nobody’s perfect.”

That’s easy to say- even easier to type.

Harder to live.

I loathe limits, fear my flaws, resist humanity’s core.

It takes ample courage to embrace imperfection.

And even more to laugh it off.

When making silly vids like the one above, I fret insincerity. Am I being my whole, true Self keeping things light when things have been so hard?

Pain is prominent. I can’t avoid that truth, nor do I wish to enhance it.

I don’t care about “disturbing the comfortable”, though I long to comfort the disturbed.

I want my work to be a haven for those who grew up feeling like they didn’t belong, as I did.

I woke up crying recently. (This happens more than I’d care to admit.)

I picked up my book, read some stories, and found comfort therein.

Perhaps, if my writing can help me, it can help others, too.

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Stay Creative!


BOOK REVEAL! {Stuff About Celebrating}

My author copies have arrived!!!

Click for ten silly seconds of indie author bliss. 🥰

Celebrate yourself!

You’re worth it.

Buy my book here.

Stay Creative!


Martin Millar Testimonial! {Stuff About Community}

Feast your eyes on my first Youtube #writerslift!

On Twitter, #writerslifts are wonderful opportunities to meet folks and gain follows.

On my Youtube channel, I want to create a platform to lift up one particular writer/creative at a time- esp one who has influenced or otherwise aided me on my creative journey.

In this vid, I lift up Martin Millar, a writer and friend who has inspired and supported me for years.

He provided a testimonial for my new book, Sluts and Whores, which I read in the vid above. 💕

Success is best when shared.

If you keep success to yourself, it will only dissolve into greed.

Stay Creative!

C 💕