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Month: August, 2021

Thanks to a dear friend

This is why we write. 💕


Kickstarter Update Week 3!

It’s the 3rd week of our Kickstarter and amazing things are happening!

Watch the update above.

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Kickstarter Update: Day 11

“When do I become who I am?”

Simple Creatures

All my life, I wanted to skip to the finish line.

That magical age where I “made it”, and thus, things made sense.

The finish line is an illusion.

Life is all journey, no destination.

There’s no pinnacle or project that will solve everything.

But every project is worth something.

This short film probably won’t change the world. But it could change a person, or at least their day, for the better.

That’s why we create.

That’s what makes the journey worth it.

We’ve reached our fundraising goal!

Any extra (apart from a $200 emergency fund) will be donated to sex worker organizations.

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My First Print Review

It’s the second week of our Kickstarter campaign, and we’ve almost reached the goal!

To celebrate, I’ve released a reading of a fantastic Sluts and Whores review by Justin Bookworm at Razorcake magazine.

All a writer can ever hope for is to be understood.

This review gave me that. 💕

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Kickstarter Update: Day 2

Didn’t have a dime but I always had a vision.”

-Panic at the Disco

Money’s a weird one for me.

I long for riches so I can share them.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

I crave independence, but can’t make this film on my own.

Excellence demands a team.

Collaborators deserve compensation.

One day, I’ll give money away.

For now, I have to ask for it.
And that’s okay.

On the 2nd day of our campaign, we’re at 48% of our goal!

Thank you for helping make this movie happen!

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Almost 6 months since the publication of Sluts and Whores, I have the chance to turn one of its stories into a short animated film!!!

We have launched a fundraiser to collect what we need to make this dream a reality.

You’ll get swag for donations as little as a dollar!

Donate here.

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Podcast: The Bed Post

OMG!! It’s here!!

Listen while the incredible Lady Pim and I discuss shadow, shame, and empowerment!


“Embrace your own discomfort.”

“I’ve always wanted my writing to be these little postmarks that I leave behind in the world to encourage people to keep going, and keep exploring.”

“Sex workers are secret keepers.”

“The most conscious writers approach their work as exorcism of the Self.”

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