Podcast: The Writing Sparrow

by C E Hoffman

Had a lovely time with the amazing Sarina Langer on her delightful podcast The Writing Sparrow.

We discuss #OwnVoices, Jungian theory, and enough abstractions to make my heart sing!

Listen below, on Spotify, or anywhere else you get your podcast fix!

How to Write a Great Reader Magnet with Savanah James The Writing Sparrow

This is it, folks! The final episode of Season 2! To wrap up, Savanah James is here to talk about reader magnets and how to write the perfect one for your mailing list subscribers.To find out more about Savanah, visit her website or her Facebook page.The Writing Sparrow will return for Season 3. Date TBC. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out when we're back!Support the show________________________________________________________________________________Come join The Writing Sparrow in its very own Facebook group! To find out more about Sarina and her books, visit her website or find her on Twitter and on Facebook.
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