SPOTLIGHT: Blood, Booze, & Other Things in Nature by C.E. Hoffman

My new chapbook Blood, Booze, and Other Things in Nature is out from Alien Buddha Press! 💕

Alien Buddha Press

Uranus in Transit Pt. 1

Once upon a patriarchy,
Uranus turned to Taurus,
and Venus Herself washed cumspit off my dress.


Shed your armour!
Cleanse your aura!

New World turtles will expose soft pink bellies to New World seagulls with soft pink beaks
Apocalypse is the ultimate (r)evolution
Listen! Shout! Breathe!

Oppression is so last century.

Nice Day to Get Laid*

Grown-up kid w/ groceries: cheese buns, Pepsi.
White clouds make chaos w/ sickgreen leaves.
The grass is not me, we
coexist separate-

Like how whores live alone no matter the number
of lovers they do (or don’t) take home
Like how mothers mourn while Kids get to grow
Like how whores live alone.

Grown-up girl w/ groceries: in-store sushi.
In other news, I’m making history.
In other words I’m totally
damn lucky.
(*This title is taken from a Sex…

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