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Podcast: Textual Healing w/ Mallory Smart

Big thanks to Mallory Smart for giving me another chance to be on her rad Textual Healing podcast!

In this new segment of her podcast called Off the Record, writers read a segment of their work w/ a suggested song pairing!

My choice: Algorithms Suck (Finding Dora Maar), a poem from my latest chapbook Ghosts, Trolls, and Other Things on the Internet from Bottlecap Press, paired w/ one of my favourite songs: Making Art by JD Samson and Men!

Listen now:

Podcast: The Writing Sparrow

Had a lovely time with the amazing Sarina Langer on her delightful podcast The Writing Sparrow.

We discuss #OwnVoices, Jungian theory, and enough abstractions to make my heart sing!

Listen below, on Spotify, or anywhere else you get your podcast fix!

The Writing Sparrow is now taking a break, but we'll be back! The Writing Sparrow

The Writing Sparrow will take a break now. It will return, I just don't want to promise a date. This is a good time to subscribe to the show (completely free, if the word puts you off!) or follow the podcast at any of the links below. That way, you won't miss us when we're back.Thank you for listening, writers and Sparrows! Speak soon.***Come join The Writing Sparrow on its very own Facebook fan page or its very own Instagram account!Find out more about Sarina and her books on her website, and find her on Twitter,  on Instagram and on Facebook.Support the show
  1. The Writing Sparrow is now taking a break, but we'll be back!
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Podcast: The Nuts and Bolts of Writing

Had an amazing chat with Tete and Fortunus Games on this latest podcast episode.

Have a listen, and remember to Subscribe to their channel!

Buy Sluts and Whores here.

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