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SPOTLIGHT: Blood, Booze, & Other Things in Nature by C.E. Hoffman

My new chapbook Blood, Booze, and Other Things in Nature is out from Alien Buddha Press! 💕

Alien Buddha Press


Uranus in Transit Pt. 1

Once upon a patriarchy,
Uranus turned to Taurus,
and Venus Herself washed cumspit off my dress.


Shed your armour!
Cleanse your aura!

New World turtles will expose soft pink bellies to New World seagulls with soft pink beaks
Apocalypse is the ultimate (r)evolution
Listen! Shout! Breathe!

Oppression is so last century.

Nice Day to Get Laid*

Grown-up kid w/ groceries: cheese buns, Pepsi.
White clouds make chaos w/ sickgreen leaves.
The grass is not me, we
coexist separate-

Like how whores live alone no matter the number
of lovers they do (or don’t) take home
Like how mothers mourn while Kids get to grow
Like how whores live alone.

Grown-up girl w/ groceries: in-store sushi.
In other news, I’m making history.
In other words I’m totally
damn lucky.
(*This title is taken from a Sex…

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Sluts and Whores Fundraiser Sale

Super excited about this!

For a limited time, 25% of Sluts and Whores sales profits (through any retailer, except used book stores) will go to Doctors Without Borders to support humanitarian aid in the Ukraine!

Show your support!

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Buy from my publisher’s website.

Long live Ukraine!


Cover Reveal: Blood, Booze, and Other Things in Nature

It’s here!

Been waiting to find out what the new cover looks like?

Wait no longer!

Watch below.

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Keep an eye out for Blood, Booze, and Other Things in Nature May 15!

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Podcast: The Writing Sparrow

Had a lovely time with the amazing Sarina Langer on her delightful podcast The Writing Sparrow.

We discuss #OwnVoices, Jungian theory, and enough abstractions to make my heart sing!

Listen below, on Spotify, or anywhere else you get your podcast fix!

How to Write a Great Reader Magnet with Savanah James The Writing Sparrow

This is it, folks! The final episode of Season 2! To wrap up, Savanah James is here to talk about reader magnets and how to write the perfect one for your mailing list subscribers.To find out more about Savanah, visit her website or her Facebook page.The Writing Sparrow will return for Season 3. Date TBC. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out when we're back!Support the show________________________________________________________________________________Come join The Writing Sparrow in its very own Facebook group! To find out more about Sarina and her books, visit her website or find her on Twitter and on Facebook.
  1. How to Write a Great Reader Magnet with Savanah James
  2. Newsletter 101 with Tammi Labrecque
  3. How to Create and Publish a Graphic Novel with Imelda Wei Ding Lo / FortunusGames
  4. A Rant About Editing with Kirsten McNeill
  5. Writing Routines: Astrid VJ

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Chapbook Announcement: Blood, Booze, and Other Things in Nature

I’m delighted to announce that Alien Buddha Press has offered to publish my poetry chapbook Blood, Booze, and Other Things in Nature.

Inspired by slam poetry, punk, and The Beats, this collection tenderly and irreverently explores mental illness, sexuality, the nights we’ll always remember, and the ones we wish we could forget. 

Release date: May 15 2022.

Stay tuned for a cover reveal!

As always, Stay Creative.


Interview: To Tony Productions

Thank you to Daniel Hess for this great interview in his Better Know An Author Series!

“Writing is as natural a reflex as breathing- and equally enjoyable.”

Read the full interview here, and follow Daniel on Twitter!

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GTFO: Film Festival Updates

Creating GTFO was an incredible journey, and submitting to film festivals has been equally enriching!

To date, GTFO has been officially selected for 5 film festivals:

Symbiotic Film Festival

Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmaker Sessions

Iconic Images Film Festival

Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival

Cult Movies International Film Festival

GTFO was selected as Semi-Finalist, a Finalist, and has now WON an award for Best Short First Time Filmmaker from Cult Movies International Film Festival!!!!

What a ride it’s been:

FilmFreeway has alleviated all the stress of this process; I’d recommend it to any budding filmmaker!

Thanks so much to the Cult Movies International Film Festival and all others for lifting up this #OwnVoices short film. You are proving that sex workers deserve a space in this world where they are validated and humanized. Thank you.

Stay creative!


Publication: Moonburn in Filth Magazine

Delighted to have my latest work published in Filth Magazine!

“I lick galaxies off my lips.”

Read Moonburn now!

Stay Creative!

C 💕

Podcast: Salt Lake Dirt #2

Had an AMAZING time sitting down with Kyler Bingham again, and we were thrilled to have Winston Rowntree join us. Winston and I discussed our collaborative process in creating GTFO, and all the love and gratitude that goes into art.

“Make what you need. Maybe someone else will need it too.”-Winston

Listen to the full podcast here or below, and Subscribe to Salt Lake Dirt on Twitter!

Stay Creative!

Interview: Writer Vs Writer

Thanks so much to Neda for this wonderful interview. I got to quote Ntozake Shange, which is always a plus!

Remember to follow Neda on Twitter.

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