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Publication: No Really Though

Trash Wonderland has released its first issue, and I am honoured to be included!

Scroll down to the bottom for my contribution. CW for self harm.

“I swore I’d survive as long as it took to hear one of my songs on the radio.”

Click above or read it here.

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Publication: Get Away From That Car

Big thanks to LE Francis of Sage Cigarettes Magazine for publishing my flash fiction Get Away From That Car!

“I looked so scary it was sexy.”

This piece took a while to find a home, despite it being one of my favourites.

Never give up on what matters to you.

Read the story here!

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New Publication: Missing The “E” On My Keyboard

Now I know why that fruit was a no-no.”

Many thanks to Tyler and everyone else at the amazing Mad Swirl magazine for publishing my experimental flash fiction.

Read it now! And be sure to follow Mad Swirl on Twitter.

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