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Podcast: Textual Healing w/ Mallory Smart

Big thanks to Mallory Smart for giving me another chance to be on her rad Textual Healing podcast!

In this new segment of her podcast called Off the Record, writers read a segment of their work w/ a suggested song pairing!

My choice: Algorithms Suck (Finding Dora Maar), a poem from my latest chapbook Ghosts, Trolls, and Other Things on the Internet from Bottlecap Press, paired w/ one of my favourite songs: Making Art by JD Samson and Men!

Listen now:

Podcast Launch: Scribbles & Spills

It’s my birthday!
I made it to thirty. And I want to celebrate with you. πŸ’•

Please accept this humble gift: the first episode of my new podcast Scribbles & Spills, where creatives of all kinds expound on their art and spill their secrets.
Our first guest: Mallory Smart, a Chicago-based writer and the Editor-in-Chief of the publishing house, Maudlin House. She talks music and literature on her podcast, Textual Healing, and her first novel, The Only Living Girl In Chicago, came out from Trident Press in August 2021. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @malsmart. 

We discuss her new book The Only Living Girl in Chicago, destigmatizing mental illness, and the importance of self-care.

Listen below now! And remember to follow Scribbles & Spills on Twitter, and Subscribe to my YT channel, where I’ll also be uploading the episodes.

S01E07 Kyler Bingham: Permission to Be Imperfect Scribbles & Spills

Welcome back to Scribbles & Spills, the podcast where creatives of all kinds expound on their art and spill their secrets! Kyler Bingham is an educator, writer and the host of Salt Lake Dirt, a podcast where he interviews writers, filmmakers, and musicians. He lives in Salt Lake City with his three dogs Rooney, Cosmo, and Mabel. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, FB and TikTok @saltlakedirt. In this episode, we talk podcasting and the importance of diving in to new experiences. Kyler Bingham Links: https://saltlakedirt.comhttps://www.facebook.com/saltlakedirt
  1. S01E07 Kyler Bingham: Permission to Be Imperfect
  2. S01E06 Sadee Bee: Transformative Growth
  3. S01E05 Sarina Langer: The Joy of Shadow
  4. S01E04 TC Folkpunk: Be A Weirdo
  5. S01E03 Fortunus Games: The Will to Create

Stay Creative!


Podcast: The Writing Sparrow

Had a lovely time with the amazing Sarina Langer on her delightful podcast The Writing Sparrow.

We discuss #OwnVoices, Jungian theory, and enough abstractions to make my heart sing!

Listen below, on Spotify, or anywhere else you get your podcast fix!

How to Write Historical Fantasy with Katie Hayoz The Writing Sparrow

Welcome back, folks, for a chat on what I thought would be historical fiction but instead morphed into a fun discussion about historical fantasy! Katie Hayoz is back for this one with lots of great insights.If, like me, historical fiction isn't really your thing but fantasy is, or if you want to know how to infuse your historical settings with more fantasy elements, then we've got you covered!Next week: Writing Routines | Astrid VJ.***Come join The Writing Sparrow on its very own Facebook fan page or its very own Instagram account!To find out more about Katie,Β check out her website, find her or Twitter, or follow her on Instagram.Find out more about Sarina and her books on her website, and find her on Twitter,Β  on Facebook, and on Instagram.Support the show
  1. How to Write Historical Fantasy with Katie Hayoz
  2. How to Find and Agent and Get Traditionally Published with James Fahy
  3. How to Resurrect a Dead Book with Cara North
  4. How to Find New Readers on Facebook with Jo Holloway
  5. Social Media Warnings with Sarah McKnight

Stay Creative!


Podcast: Salt Lake Dirt #2

Had an AMAZING time sitting down with Kyler Bingham again, and we were thrilled to have Winston Rowntree join us. Winston and I discussed our collaborative process in creating GTFO, and all the love and gratitude that goes into art.

“Make what you need. Maybe someone else will need it too.”-Winston

Listen to the full podcast here or below, and Subscribe to Salt Lake Dirt on Twitter!

Stay Creative!

Podcast: The Nuts and Bolts of Writing

Had an amazing chat with Tete and Fortunus Games on this latest podcast episode.

Have a listen, and remember to Subscribe to their channel!

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πŸ’• C

Podcast: Salt Lake Dirt

Loved this one!

Kyler and I got intuitive in our colloquy- my favourite direction for a podcast!

Remember to Subscribe to their channel!

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Podcast: The Bed Post

OMG!! It’s here!!

Listen while the incredible Lady Pim and I discuss shadow, shame, and empowerment!


“Embrace your own discomfort.”

“I’ve always wanted my writing to be these little postmarks that I leave behind in the world to encourage people to keep going, and keep exploring.”

“Sex workers are secret keepers.”

“The most conscious writers approach their work as exorcism of the Self.”

Stay Creative!


Podcast: We’d Rather Be Reading

Big thanks to Jerrica and Lia of We’d Rather Be Reading for featuring Sluts and Whores on their latest ep!

Be sure to Subscribe to them on Youtube, Spotify, and everywhere else!

Stay Creative!


Podcast: No Life Skills

Ashlynn of the No Life Skills podcast asked me beautiful questions and held incredible space.

Give it a listen and Subscribe to the podcast!

Some of my fav moments:

“The prostitute archetype is ancient and empowering. It has the potential to revivify but also threatens to dismantle a lot.”

“I understand people’s motivations for stereotyping and oversimplification, but even so, that’s not a place we can remain if we want to evolve as a species.”

“Real life people are complicated and silly and contradictory and interesting and that isn’t all automatically negated because someone’s a sex worker.”

“No simple answers, no simple questions, no simple anything.”

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Stay Creative!


Podcast: Textual Healing

Mallory Smart has just released our conversation on their rad Textual Healing podcast!

Listen here.

Some highlights:

“It is so important that we make love to ourselves.”

“When you turn away from yourself, you incite Hell.”

“Music is asynchronous empathy.”

“Not only has art saved my life, it has changed my life.”

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Stay Creative!