BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! (Losers and Freaks)

by C E Hoffman

“Lida Rose, I’m home again, Rose

without a sweetheart to my name…”

-from Lida Rose from the Music Man (my favourite musical ❤️)

It’s been a rough three months. 

Hell, it’s been a rough thirty years!

I have loved, laughed, tried to die, survived bullying/an eating disorder, abused myself/cannabis, given up a child, been rejected, published, and rejected some more.

I’ve been publicly humiliated, broken hearts, and had my heart broken.

I’ve struggled with finances, housing, jobs, mental health, love, family, friendships.

You know what? 

It’s all been worth it. 

I’ve seen sunsets! Sunrises! I’ve danced in the rain! Moshed at concerts! Marched at protests! Balanced my chakras! Healed my traumas! Hugged trees! Given lap dances!

I’ve been to Europe! I made a short film, published a book (+ three chapbooks), and have run an online magazine mostly single-handed for over a decade. I’ve been in three different bands, lived in three different provinces and five different cities (six, if you count my weird blip in Windsor.) Enjoyed the company of two sweet dogs and one perfect senior cat. Made INCREDIBLE friends, and even kept a few! 

I’ve begun to accept my sexuality, gender identity, and mental “illness.” I’m learning to stand up for myself like I stand up for others. I’m trying to accept my flaws, set boundaries, and make my own decisions. 

These past three months have been a rude awakening in more ways than one. I made the wrong decision for the wrong reason, ended up in a city way out of my price range with zero local supports, and the relationship I moved for dissolved, leaving myself and my partner heartbroken, and me stranded financially as well as emotionally. 

No matter how hard I tried to make it work, that apartment, even that city, didn’t feel right. My mental health was shot, and so were my finances. If I stayed, I probably wouldn’t have completed my degree, which is my main goal at this time. 

I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and returned to my hometown- even though I swore I’d never go back!

I plan to transfer schools so I can live with my folks again while I chase that elusive diploma. 

Sometimes we need to be strong enough to ask for help. 

Life can be tough, internally or externally. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the good. 

Exhibit A: New ink! 

Pretty, yes? 😍

I got this tattoo to remind me that you can always go back again, beauty can bloom from our worst moments, to always believe in love, and home isn’t where the heart is, but where GOD is, which is to say, everywhere. 

Exhibit B:

I am pleased to announce that my second short story collection, LOSERS AND FREAKS, was picked up by Querencia Press in Chicago!!!!

Funny story:

I had given up on this collection. My top two choices for publishers fell through, and after a flurry of rejections + one acceptance that didn’t feel quite right, I shelved this project to pitch more chapbooks before querying my novels (one in particular.)

Then, when I stumbled home (sober) from my first and probably last night on the town in Guelph, ON, I found the strangest thing in my email inbox: an acceptance letter. 


As long as you believe in your dreams, they’ll believe in you. 

I am so excited to work with Emily Perkovich and the rest of the team at Querencia Press to make this release the best yet. 

What can you expect from this publication? The same as you’ll find in all my published works: quirky observations, naked sincerity, darkness and silliness and prettiness and punk monk magic!  

Here’s the book jacket: 

A pixie and werewolf plan to thwart a prophecy; a medical mannequin attempts to foil a viral attack.

A girl befriends a spider; a janitor stalks a ghost; and Cupid makes a deadly mistake. 

LOSERS AND FREAKS is a 55K Speculative short story collection. 

Exploring the psychology -and humanity- of outcasts, C’s second full-length release is worthy to its predecessor, SLUTS AND WHORES, which helped earn the author a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. 

Welcome back to the Big City, where you find magic -and friends- in the strangest places.

Excited? I know I am!!!

As a suicide survivor living with mental illness, I consider this to be my most topical work yet. Especially after COVID, so many of us are feeling isolated, lonely, and adrift. The stigma regarding mental health is finally decreasing. We are talking about what we feel, and, most importantly, being accountable for our own well-being. 

I hope this book will be a voice for those who struggle but cannot speak up for themselves, and will reach anyone who has ever felt like they don’t belong. 

This one’s for the weirdos! 

Keep an eye out for LOSERS AND FREAKS!

All good things, 

C.E. Hoffman

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PPS My amazing ink is credited to Carl of Steel n Ink in Guelph, ON, Canada. If you’re ever in the area, hit him up!!!